This poem was inspired by Allen Ginsgerg's, "Howl". ~~~ i have lost so many versions of myself to unadulterated; unorthodox, fully vulnerable addictive love that is growing like a cyst in my heart completely rooted in my vena cava hours of study locked in my closet as metaphorical and literal as you can get... Continue Reading →


The Sunflower Boy

I’ve only cried for a boy once And maybe that's a lie For I've cried for many boys But this boy didn't need me to cry for him Because his tear jar was all filled up So we started another And it was labeled in a blue sharpie pen, “Makeup” But instead of tears we... Continue Reading →

thoughts of a dead lover

i am sleeplessly devoted to you. long striped fabric around your waist around my pinky finger. i am genuine. falling out of love in the rain; listening to the clouds weep. crystal lattices web around your toes. drowning lungs half enveloped in cerise moonlight. tripping in your arms. hearts slamming into each other. slow down...... Continue Reading →

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