Earthly Flowers In A World Of Fairy Lights And Little Trinkets


She lives in the dark,

Embraced in silence

Nurtured by the lust of the,


Galaxy upon galaxy she has searched for a burrow of




A place of serenity

“Penny for your thoughts?”

She would whisper to the moon as it spun around her shrunken head

Swimming in a void thicker than molasses

Falling down

Only to be caught


She slept among the,

Tiny planets

The larger celestial ones teased them

“Dwarf planet”

“Smaller than a pomegranate”

She wiped a shiny tear from the wee orbs

“My beauties, remember, magic is only for the tragic”


She sat crisscrossed on the

Tossed rocks

Soaring in the cosmic space

She was oblivious to

The Unknown

The Beyond

The grace of being in utter solitude

Without leaving a single trace


She tumbled in micro-gravity

Flailing her arms

Floating above all

Colliding with the stellars

She pulled up the the blank space around her slender shoulders

She felt cozy and


Under the universe


She fell in love, with a






A brave soul who took her on


Like no other

Taught her how to live

Opened her small planet eyes

And she saw galaxies

She loved his



And words

But she also loved his


Dark thoughts

He was her

Wide eyed




She made a mistake

To indulge in



Bound together by astronauts

The comet ride had made her

Vomit up

Her soul

Her heart

Her thoughts

Her discretions

As her love blossomed into young stars

Her personality of colors

Were sucked out of her

Drip by drip

An IV of creativity

Drip drip

The comet laughed

“You are now a dying star, my precious cosmo, thank you for the endless memories. Food for the soul.”


She sank

Despite her carefree and playful life

She devoured every chance to fly


Away from her home in the poignant black

Away from the silent lullaby from a silent family

Away from the absurd universe

Because like all the blessed

They will be suppressed

Sooner rather than



She wept,

In the flames

The selfish sun swallowed all that was dear and near to her solemn heart

All the planets

Small and large

The lonely moon

Her works of art

Anguish gushed through her unmarked fingertips

She was alone

And she lived in the dark


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