thoughts of a dead lover


i am sleeplessly devoted to you.

long striped fabric around your waist

around my pinky finger.

i am genuine.

falling out of love in the rain;

listening to the clouds weep.

crystal lattices web around your toes.

drowning lungs half enveloped in cerise


tripping in your arms.

hearts slamming into each other.

slow down…

eaten alive with a kiss.

eyes open pleading with fervor.

slow down…

sucked dry,

skeleton bones,

dark marrow,

i am genuine.

hair in mouth,

goosebumps purring,

baby blood and

mosquito bites.

lilac bruises

I am hopelessly committed to you

four a.m. explorations

of my universe.

neutron star bursts of sensuality,

surrender to pleasurable

banned heartbeats.

scrutinize my galaxies.

leave me;


lipstick stained


marionette fingers,

still veins,

muddy face,

white pupils,

i am sleeplessly devoted to you.


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