The Rather Unfortunate Tragedies of a Womanizer

  I never knew that my life would end this way. I always thought that I would die in a heroic matter and go down in history for being the most ravishing, drop dead gorgeous man that ever lived. Maybe I still will. But dangling from a sixteen story apartment building, clutching a Victorian gown... Continue Reading →


A Conditional Romance

Her breathing kept me awake. A methodical lullaby that wouldn't summon me to sleep. As she clung onto my arm and nuzzled into my chest, inhaling me, I laid motionless; daydreaming along the ceiling. Recollections of university life and buying our house riddled my mind. Every time, I go through these memories I get more... Continue Reading →

The Rhythm of My Heart

I was seven years old when my ma took me to the theater. I’ve never been there before but whenever I had a real bad toothache, my ma would drive us to the doctor’s office, and I would gaze up at the oval shaped building with roguish stone pillars and cobblestone stairs. It was my... Continue Reading →

thoughts of a dead lover

i am sleeplessly devoted to you. long striped fabric around your waist around my pinky finger. i am genuine. falling out of love in the rain; listening to the clouds weep. crystal lattices web around your toes. drowning lungs half enveloped in cerise moonlight. tripping in your arms. hearts slamming into each other. slow down...... Continue Reading →

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